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    Re: Atlas LSD

    Bought the first Titan for an english axle, when they launched the product, was an incredible price.
    I can asked any setup I wanted.
    As I was very pleased with the first one and the great quality...

    Mkdu 04-12-2021, 18:32 Go to last post

    Re: Atlas LSD

    I use gripper in atlas for. Excellent.
    Im curious to ask you that has used titan. Is there much options with titan for various ramp angles

    OPPOSITELOCK 03-12-2021, 21:38 Go to last post

    Re: Atlas LSD

    Tyres are 210/530 - 13" and about 220HP

    motorpoint 03-12-2021, 19:46 Go to last post

    Re: Atlas LSD

    Diff ratio will depend on what size wheels and tyres along with the profile you have and of course what you have powering it under the bonnet.

    Forest_rallying 03-12-2021, 15:52 Go to last post

    Re: Atlas LSD

    OK, What CWP you have (for rally)? I still donīt know if to buy 5.1 or shorter (with ZF gearbox and 5th gear 1:1).
    So...your recommendation is Titan? Is there so big difference to 3J?

    motorpoint 03-12-2021, 10:26 Go to last post