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    Safety devices roll cage MK2 ESCORT

    Safety devices roll cage for mk2 Escort
    no diagonal so can fit rear seats
    needs painting
    300 ono

    Timsrs 03-08-2020, 11:08 Go to last post

    Re: Xflow 1600 Pushrods Set

    Nothing here bud?

    Joe-Tait 03-08-2020, 10:45 Go to last post

    Re: Shortened steering arms

    Ah ok, funnily enough I think I have both types, but I can't really remember. I'll see what I find when I get round the garage later in the week.

    rallyrob 03-08-2020, 10:39 Go to last post

    Re: Shortened steering arms

    both but I use those in the pics, from Ed Cobb

    The first available that I've seen are the ones from M11RF, but seems not so strong as others.
    There are a copy from original design but shorter.

    Mkdu 03-08-2020, 09:56 Go to last post

    Re: Shortened steering arms

    I'm not sure but that seems a bit of a confusing statement to me there Mkdu.

    Do you have M11RF's or Ed Cobb's steering arms?

    I'm hoping to get round the garage this week so I should be able...

    rallyrob 02-08-2020, 20:44 Go to last post