Right guys Clint has kindly put up this forum for everyone to use. Its a dedicated place where we can all put our graphs from rolling road or dyno sessions, so we can hopefully build up a catalogue of graphs and data for various engine types and specs. This means if anyone is looking to build an engine to a certain power they should be able to gain a rough idea of the spec and components needed.

It also gives us a chance to get some advice from those in the know on here on how to improve certain areas of the engine.

Please take the time to use the forum for the benefit of yourself and others. So no sarcastic or negative comments please, just pure clean advice and thoughts please.

Also if you could do the following it would be great:
  • Post title - please state the engine type and power and torque figures.
  • Post up a scan of the graph (and associated paperwork showing the data in a chart if you have it).
  • Put up a brief spec of the engine so those looking in can see whats involved.
  • Put up any operators comments from your session.
  • And finally any questions or doubts you have about the graph/data/operators comments.