Well, just got back from Well Lane Turbo Centre. And the news insn't good!

Only got to 190Bhp and 180lbft of torque. Some good news, the overboost I thought I had wasn't overboost it was a mis-fire. Apparently when my car got to 200Bhp the mis-fire started. The guy at Well Lane said that I'll have to change the plugs and turn UP the boost a little and it will run about 260Bhp!

Some lovely cars there and quite a few Saph Cossies.

And just to say thanks to Craig for organising it Good bloke too, even if he has gone to the dark side and bought an EVO

So, not all doom and gloom. New plugs going in this week. Anyone know where I can get some C59Cs?

P.S. will post my plot up when I foto it tomorrow..........still upset!