Hello to all

I have the following gaskets and gasket sets on special offer:

Head Gasket Set (Was 15.00) Now 7.87, will fit:

Ford Escort Mk1 940cc OHV (68-72)
Ford Escort Mk1 & 2 1098cc/1298cc OHV (68-8/80)
Ford Capri 1298cc OHV (68-82)
Ford Capri 1599cc OHV (68-9/72)
Ford Cortina 1298cc (8/70-82)
Ford Cortina 1599cc (8/70-8/73)

Head Gasket Set (Was 13.00) Now 7.87, will fit:

Ford Escort Mk1 1599cc OHV (70-75)
Ford Escort Mk2 1298cc/1598cc OHV (75-8/80)
Ford Capri GT 1298cc OHV (68-71)
Ford Capri GT 1599cc OHV (68-9/72)
Ford Cortina E & GT 1599cc (67-7/70)

Bottem End Gasket Set (Was 12.95) Now 6.30, will fit:

Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2 OHV.
Ford Capri OHV
Ford Cortina OHV

Head Gasket Set (Was 18.00) Now 9.46, will fit:

Ford Escort Mk2 Mexico 1593cc OHC (76-78)
Ford Capri 1593cc OHC (9/73-8/83)
Ford Cortina 1593cc OHC (8/70-82)
Ford Granada 1593cc OHC (81-82)
Ford Sierra 1593cc OHC (82-8/83)

Head Gasket Set (Was 16.50) Now 7.06, will fit:

Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 1993cc OHC (73-80)
Ford Capri 1993cc OHC (2/74-8/83)
Ford Cortina 1993cc OHC (70-82)
Ford Granada 1993cc OHC Carb (75-8/83)
Ford Sierra 1993cc OHC (82-8/83)

Bottem End Gasket Set (Was 14.00) Now 6.54, will fit:

Ford Pinto as fitted to Capri / Cortina / Escort Mk2 / Granada / Sierra / Sapphire / Transit

Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded for 1 gasket set is 7.00. More than 1 set please ask for deliery quote.

Many thanks