My name is Nico, long time member of turbosport, but I never posted a thread. This is my first one.

I own a Escort MK1 1300 GT from 1972 with a 1640cc engine and use it for classic car rally's. I'm living in Holland near Amsterdam.

I came across this discussion about a inlet manifold:

I have the same problem, I am trying to put a Weber 38/38 on my 1600 Xflow and the carb doesn't fit. I use a alu rockercover and need the same spacer (about 25mm thick).

Does anybody know where to find such a item, I found this one: http://danstengineering.co.uk/index....&path=59_60_67, but I need at least 20mm. Anybody have experiance with this firm?

Thanks in advance,

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