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Thread: JPM Remap

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    JPM Remap

    Remember this one from the Rolling Road back in May ? Well had it over for a remap on saturday and the results are below.

    Here are the results and comments from the RR day:


    Cossied Mk2 Escort x pack
    200 block, L&B crank and rods, low comp pistons, valve cut-outs, stage 1 head, piper cam bp270HT

    est power...... 280bhp
    real power..... 262bhp


    " needs a session with Clint Gaskin , very nice installation and car, just needs some mapping work and theres probably another 70 horse to come from her"

    The two Steves at track and Road thought there would be another 70bhp in the car, they were not far out (60bhp) but the difference in torque is amazing nearly 100 lb.ft and I bet the fuel consumption is a hell of a lot better too.

    Its such a well put together car and we certianly got a few looks while driving the car around during the mapping session.

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    Re: JPM Remap

    Nice work the new curves look a lot smoother than before

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