this engine was built by altay at burton power and ahmed bayjoo

this was Altays own car

219 Lb/Ft peak torque

191 BHP at 5550 Rpm

17psi peak boost

piper T285 cam and pulley

Pro alloy Front mount Intercooler

Stage 1 T3

standard bottom end apart from ARP Rod Bolts and High pressure oil pump

Ap paddle clutch

This engine was last dynoed about 2 years ago (and its done about 15000 Miles since) and it made 198.2 Bhp back then

so i think thats really good

there is a new cam going in it soon with some solid lifters, the cam that he is going for is the Ahmed designed CVH34 as the piper T285 is a bit Peaky

the bloke on the Dyno was very impressed with how flat the torque curve was