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Thread: What TPS???

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    What TPS???

    I want to change over to Megajolt Lite Jnr on my pinto and keep the 45s, I know weber do a TPS that is a direct fit but is there anything else I could rob one from at the scrappy's. Maybe a bit cheaper that will work with MJLJ.
    Any one done simmilar ??? Pictures???

    Oh and does anyone know the part number for the Ford trigger wheel that seems to get used on these setups??
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    Re: What TPS???

    You need a TPS and EDIS 4, best place is an early mk5 Escort. A ZETEC TPS should work to.
    Zetec Mk 1 Escort
    Mk 2 X Pack Capri 3.0S (not a copy, the real thing)
    Mk 1 XR4i
    Mk 3a Fiesta Si

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