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Thread: sump strainer

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    sump strainer

    I am at the moment making a new oil pick up pipe for the Rover as the one I have at the moment is a bit of a bodge made from 3 different pieces of pipe [not by me!!!] What I have managed to find is the pipe from a standard 1600 Xflow sump will fit with a small amount of mods. it is all very nicely tucked up along the factory windage tray so it clears my chopped up sump, the strainer on the X flow resembles a gas mantle, the Rover one is a large flat dish, and the one I want to use is somewhat smaller in dia to the rover one, but of similar design, will the area if the strainer make any difference to the pickup, as the pipe is the restriction to how much oil the engine will get sucked up.
    My opinion is the Rover has an abnormally large strainer due to the ability of the Rover to sludge up in a very short time, Discuss????


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    Re: sump strainer

    Hello mate the x/f strainer sounds just like the one on my rover about "3 across and domed not a flat bottomed one, works fine. In a capri with a APS(magnum) sump although it is only a 5ltr jobbie(sump that is).
    hope that helps!


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    Re: sump strainer

    The only way it'd restrict oil feed is if the new pickup pipe diameter is smaller - it'll only flow as much as the most restrictive point. More regular oil changes to stop it sludging up!?
    One day people will stop asking 'Is that bit of your car supposed to be hanging off/leaking/on fire like that?'

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