The September 2017 issue of Classic Ford is out now! The magazine celebrates its 20th birthday with this special 164-page collectorís edition!

Happy birthday to us! Given a major anniversary such as 20 years of Classic Ford, we could have just invited the family round and sat quietly in the corner while an aunt patted our head and said, ďMy, havenít you grown?Ē But we would much rather share it with everyone who has supported the magazine over the years.

That is to say we havenít grown. When the magazine first appeared on the shelves in 1997 it was a mere 100 pages, now mis special edition is 164 pages. And as well as a full issue of your favourite magazine, weíve crammed in 20 special features with the highlights from Classic Fordís past two decades and the amazing old Ford scene in general.

What has helped make the magazine stand out and thrive all these years is the support from the many readers who have stuck with us as weíve grown, often guided us, and let us know when weíve started to veer off the road. Thank you.

Welcome to the party, we hope you enjoy it.

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