The front has been painted satin black. Apart from the section behind the grille all this will be covered by the added panels.

Now that everything is finished it is time to put it all together.

While I am doing that the diff CWP will be getting changed. With the bigger wheels the current ratio (4.6) will be too high. I have done some calculations or rather a programme on a website has, to work out what ratio to use.

With the current ratio:

Changing to a 5.3 gives the same as with the 4.6. This is still a bit too high.

Ideally a 5.5 would be best but it is not available so I have chosen to go radical with a 5.8.

The 5.8 has 7 teeth on the pinion whereas the 5.3 has 8. This means that the contact area is less and there could be an issue with it breaking. I will find out

The person changing the CWP wanted a axle housing spreader so I have made one.