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Thread: 1990 Radiant Red Fiesta RS Turbo Progress/build

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    Re: 1990 Radiant Red Fiesta RS Turbo Progress/build

    Also decided to go with a fiesta for a change
    Big Wing sold and gone to be a film star

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    Re: 1990 Radiant Red Fiesta RS Turbo Progress/build

    not updated this for a while

    The car will be up for sale around late July/early August once iv had it in up at GT Motorsport to get the fuelling and cam timing all set up so it will be absolutely spot on for any potential new owner.

    Quite a few genuine reasons for selling up, one of the main ones being we are looking into getting a mortgage on a new property and not having a garage really opens up our options (cba having one built either). Like i say theres a few more reasons also.

    It will be priced sensibly to sell and i wont take a penny less. Iv always been more than fair when selling any motor price wise i think.
    I will set a price that realistic not like some of these other overpriced examples, all in my opinion of course.

    I have already had some interest in the car to which iv pointed people to this thread as i think its a great way of looking at just how much has been done to make it a much better car.

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