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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    Hi all,

    My name is Si but Iím better known as Frodo hence the username - Iím in the military so itís obligatory to have a silly nickname! I race with the 750 Motor Club in a series called the Armed Forces Race Championship, in a Ď93 Fiesta XR2i fitted with a silvertop 2.0l Zetec (photos to follow at some point!).

    The engine is pretty standard, but running MBE ignition and Weber 45s. Also has a hybrid gearbox built by a certain Graham Bahr of Penguin Motors in Ely, with a mix of gears, a 4.27 final drive and 3J plate diff. Obviously all the standard race prep bits, plus running 2WD Sierra Cossie discs at the front. Next race is at Rockingham in early June.

    The other project is the main reason I joined - a replacement race car in the form of a Ď74 Reliant Scimitar with an Essex V6. I was given this car for free some years ago, and have become very attached to it! Currently the body is off so the chassis can have some bits replaced, but also the geometry changing significantly (by Iain Daniels Classic Motorsport, definitely the most experienced Scimitar fettlers out there!). Once the chassis is back itíll be getting a full cage, Protech suspension and a set of Wilwoods. Obviously the main reason for joining is the engine - going to stick with an Essex V6, but if funds allow running triple Webers or bodies, hopefully mated to a Cosworth T5 gearbox. Rear axle has already been stripped and rebuilt, fitted with a PowrLok 3.54 LSD from an old Jag. Again, pics to follow when I get a spare minute.

    Look forward to joining in - all advice will be gratefully received!

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    Re: Hi everyone

    welcome to :ts:

    get some pics up they like pictures on here

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