The July 2018 issue of Classic Ford is available in print and to download now, and inside we reveal the top 25 retro power mods you can do to your classic Ford! Plus you'll find an 8-page, pull-out Classic Ford Show preview!

Most of us want retro performanceó adding power means thereís quite a few necessary modifications allowing your car to cope, transforming it into the screaming monster we all crave. Plenty are the traditional ones that simply update the car and again, we take for granted. For example, the upgrade to electronic ignition. But thereís a lot of stuff you need to sort for an easier life and to provide the building blocks for greater performance.

So you get the basics right first, which allows power addition as you go ó thereís not much point slotting in a hot cam, sidedraughts and a whopping exhaust if the weak linkís a fuel pump that canít keep up, nor an ignition system that provides a pathetic spark. With that in mind, weíve looked at the 25 most-effective retro power mods so you can turn yours into a performing classic.

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