Hello All.

First Post here as a new old ford owner!

I have a mk 2 Escort 1300 sport project partly restored which is going to have a breathed on 1600 fitted. I had initially thought the reuse the carb and inlet manifold on the new 1600. I have since discovered that the 32 DGV weber fitted to the 1300 is probably going to be a bit of a bottle neck for the 1600cc as the venturis are much smaller.

I therefore will be fitting the 32/36 DGV instead. However I had thought to use the 1300 manifold which as far as I knew was the same. However it seems probably not. By Chance I purchased a second inlet manifold with a bunch of other stuff which superficially looks the same but has significantly larger ports compared to the 1300. The manifold has not been machined in anyway and is original. But the ports both at exit and entrance (where the carb mounts) are around 3mm+ bigger than the 1300 version. The parts numbers on the manifolds are also different. It could be down to casting tolerance, but even a mass produced casting like this would have better control than that I think. 3mm gives a significant increase in area on a port this small. Looking inside the manifold at the carb mount end there are also some differences in the surface of the casting the larger port manifold is flat whereas the 1300 one has 2 fins.

Numbers are

751F- 9425-EA DD2


711F 9425 HC DD3

With "PT2" stamped (not cast into) near the water connection point.

Am I right in guessing that this is simply a 1600GT type manifold and nothing more? Or something out of the ordinary I have searched high and low for an answer but I do not seem to find one.

Thanks in advance