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Thread: ford Crossflow question?

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    ford Crossflow question?

    I was looking to build a 1600 crossflow. I have an 1100 engine from a 79 escort mk2 and a complete 1600 sport crossflow head carb etc. If you look at the bore and crankshaft journal dimensions of the 1100, they appear to be the same. ( from the Ford escort mk2 manual). The only difference between the two bottom ends appears to be the stoke (and hence compression ratio). Is the stroke length difference on these engines achieved by conrod length,or crank journal offset or piston height. Cpould anyone help, seems a shame to bin the 1100 engine as its only done 50k miles.


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    Re: ford Crossflow question?

    As you suspect the larger capacity is achieved with a longer stroke, the blocks on the 1100/1300 are an inch shorter than the 1600 so you can't put a 1600 crank in an 1100 block as the pistons would poke out of the top! Unfortunately your 1100 is only good for wedging doors open or stopping boats from drifting away!
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