Fitting A X20XEV engine into Escort and just getting Engine ready to Fire up and got a few problems. Fitting the Temp cooling switch for gauge and for ECU (2 switches one for each) from What I can make out the original was located on the back of the engine next to where EGR was fitted this is all Blocked off. Where is it fitted on the red top engine.????

Also I know the story ref the fitting added to the rear of the red top for the heater. Have not been able to find where the heater inlet comes off the XEV but thinking it is roughly the same place (bought a Haynes manual for a Omega but it does not say or show where the heater hose goes) Is there somewhere else on the XE that you can take off the inlet to heater no room as engine is only8m from Bulk head no room for a fitting if it dos go there.

Engine was fitted to a RWD car previously with all the EGR removed and no contact with previous owner

Anybody fitted a X20XEVin a escort

Any advice appreciated