Hi Folks
the MK1 Escort that I bought came with a Weber 32-34 DFT-6 carb
It wasn’t installed or connected to the manifold and the car was a non runner
the throttle cable wasn’t connected and it needs to connect to the other side of the carb so I need to make a bracket to set it up

i got it connected and managed to get it running very sporadically
it has an auto choke which seems like it is broken

my question is, is this a suitable carb for a 1600 X Flow before I spend any time and money getting it fitted correctly and commissioned by a Carb specialist, or should I purchase something different.
(please bear in mind that my funds are low so I need to take the most cost effective route)

i only want want to get my escort running so that I can enjoy it
Upgrading for performance etc will be a long way down the road

thanks in advance guys