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    > > > > > Advertising Rules < < < < <

    For sale Rules:

    1 - All adverts must have a price stated, a ball park figure is sufficient.

    2 - Under no circumstance are you allowed to sell a V5 or registration papers without a shell as a minimum, this includes trying to disguise the V5 sale by selling some rust.
    It will not be tolerated under any circumstances and you will be banned from all selling privileges.

    3 - The sale of any illegally copied software is not allowed. Any thread of this nature will be deleted.

    4 - Please only list items that are actually for sale. 'Gauging Interest' or 'Possibly for Sale' threads will be deleted.

    5 - Please don't just post a lazy link to your advert on another site. It only takes seconds to copy the advert and paste it on here, doing this usually copies the photos too, so you wont have to upload them.
    Any cars/parts for sale with just a link will be deleted.

    6 - The for sale section is not a place for chit chat, it's now a banter free zone. Please keep it in another post/forum.

    7 - If you think a car/part is too expensive, don't buy it but also don't reply to the post and complain about the price.

    8 - No daily bumps allowed, 72 hours minimum if its a simple bump.

    All companies/traders that wish to advertise their goods/services on Turbosport, must first subscribe to being a Site Sponsor.

    Site Sponsors may directly advertise their company and/or have a logo in their signature. A link to their company website is also allowed.
    Site sponsors can have their clickable logo inserted at the top of every page in the sponsors section should they wish. If you do not have a company logo we can arrange one for you.
    Site Sponsors have the sole ability to post new threads in the sponsors section allowing them to advertise special offers etc.
    We are also happy to arrange front page news to any Site Sponsors, for special offers they have, should they request.

    Things to Note.

    We don't charge for adverts on Turbosport, but remember don't be mean and go green, help Turbosport run and bring you the wealth of infomation we dofor just 12 a year..

    You can become a subscriber follwing this link (Paypal accepted)

    Paypal Gift payments - Everyone likes to accept them, you save about 4% in fees if you receive a gift payment, but remember as a buyer you do not have any comebacks and are unable to use the Paypal dispute system if you do send payment as a gift. Use it at your own risk.

    Knowing who you are sending money to usually helps
    , remember that holds no responsibility for any transactions carried out. Paypal 'goods' option is a safe way to pay. Remember though, this is the internet, ask for your sellers name and landline/mobile number aswell. You can also take a look at their profile, and see how long they have been using Turbosport, what posts have they made, do they only sell, just joined etc.. Use your nelly and be safe it's your money.
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