Hi all

i have a question about the 32/36 DGAV that I have bought to replace a 32 DFM
I could do with your help or advice
The reason I bought it was because I was informed it was more suitable for my 1600 crossflow
i havenít fitted it yet
The model numbers mean it should have a water activated choke. However, from the pictures below, it seems that there is no choke unit or any choke flaps (donít know the proper name)
is this carb likely to work properly with the choke missing. Why would it be missing?
Without the choke, is this carb pretty much useless. Could it be retrofitted
Would I be better using the 32 DFM which I know does work

Apologies. A lot of questions and would appreciate your knowledge / expertise

many thanks


Attachment 84998

Attachment 84999

Attachment 85000

Attachment 85004

Attachment 85005

Attachment 85001

DGAV and DFM side by side

Attachment 85002

Attachment 85003