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Thread: Type 9 jumps out of 4th

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    Type 9 jumps out of 4th

    Hi, got a strange one here, got a type 9 fitted to my Turbocharged Talbot Avenger, did about 150 miles on the motorway in 5th gear, got on the slip road off changed from 5th to 4th and it jumps out of gear tried twice more the same then all ok, did 100 miles through the Lake disrtict, no problem then off to Edinburgh after 175 miles same thing, spent all week in Scotland all ok. Comming home after 200 miles same then after another 150 miles same again, back home now no problems, just seems to be after lots of miles in 5th!! Any ideas? Thanks

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    Re: Type 9 jumps out of 4th

    is the gearstick aligned in the hole threw the bodywork properly, it might not be engaging fully coz the gearstick is hitting the hole in the bodywork, simple to check, appart from that i wouldn't know , i once had a dodgy type 9, if i engaged 2nd gear normally in traffic, it would work beautifully, but if i changed to second quickly, the gear stick would go into the weird void where 2nd should of been but no gears selected and it took all my strength to get it out of second, i would then need to slowly and noramlly put it in second and it would work fine , i just went to the breakers, got another box for 20quid and fitted that. worked a treat afterwards
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