Hi guys. Pls. assist a newbie here. I bought a Mitsubishi 4G-63 dohc n/a engine out of a fwd Mitsubishi RVR- X wagon w/an automatic tranny. I plan on transplanting it on my '77 2-door Cortina mk-4. I have converted the fwd auto trans with that of a 5 speed T-50 Toyota tranny w/ steel case transmission. The engine is now rwd in configuration. I turned over the intake side of the EFI so it now faces front. Water hose to the radiator was simple and straightforward and I installed a 10" electric fan on to the radiator. Exhaust was a matter of adjusting the headers to the exhaust pipe. As the EFI is OBD-1, its a simple wire tuck-in and computer box placement under the dash.
My concern now is the gasoline tank. A friend suggested either using a surge tank on top of the original gas tank or a fuel cell with built-in hi-pressure fuel pump (for the EFI). Another friend suggested I install/strap a Honda Civic ESi gas tank on the trunk of my Cortina so its just a matter of hooking up hoses and wires. I want the fuel tank/pump conversion to be as reliable and as cost-effective as possible. The car will be daily driven with occasional blasts on the quarter mile and/or autocross.
What should be the best option for my conversion? Pls. do mention if I overlooked anything else vital to have a reliable conversion. Thanks to all in advance.