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Thread: 2.9 cossy into capri

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    2.9 cossy into capri

    hello everyone
    i just got my hands on a 2.9 cossy powered granada, i want to use the engine in my 1986 2.0lt capri laser,what will i need to strip off the granny to make the swop? i havent got room to store both cars so it will need to gutted then scrapped. thanks for any info

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    Re: 2.9 cossy into capri

    best bet is to get a 2.8i capri as its basically a straight swap apart from abit of wiring.

    cossie lump fits on the standard 2.8 engine mounts

    2.8i fuel tank as it has the built in swirl pot

    i believe you want the boa (earlier one) as you dont have to deal with the eeciv wiring bollocks thing that you get with the later cossie v6's

    2.8i flywheel, clutch and spigot bearing (if you want a manual)

    standard 2.8i type 9 5 speed gearbox (the one with slightly bigger bearings and longer input shaft) it will work but it can and most like will snap, so in that case your'll need a hybrid mt75 gearbox which can be abit dear (300quid+) but they're pretty rare.

    exhaust manifold will need cutting and bodging together with a 2.8 or 3 litre system.

    rev counter will need changing to a v6 one or it will read too fast (or slow) cant remember properly for the minute.

    and there is prob a few things more. but basically when i looked into it, i found it would be much easier and not an awfull longer dearer than if you just bought a 2.8i capri and pulled the lump out as the 2.8 has pretty much everything in it you already need.

    this is why with my 2litre, i gave up with the cossie v6 idea so just building a quick pinto and maybe one day a cossie if one comes up cheap, but when i have some cash i'll just buy a 2.8 shiter and throw a cossie v6 in it and use it for abit of a fun.

    anything else you wanna know let me know as i spent some time looking into this.
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