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Thread: MK1 Escort Owner Saying Hi

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    MK1 Escort Owner Saying Hi

    New member here just saying hello! I have a 1970 Mk1 Escort that I'm currently fitting an St170 engine to. I came across this site due to a particular thread about the fuel tank outlet fitting on a mk1 escort (probably some of the other older fords aswell i guess), which I have adapted to take a 10AN fitting to supply the pump.

    I did this using the original tank fitting, drilled out and a 10AN fitting welded on, but I really wanted a 1 piece adapter. The problem is the fitting in the tank is really obscure, at 1"-12unf. And nothing is right, BSPP, JIC, ORFS - ive treid everything and every catalog I can find!

    So I found a company that will custom make the adapter, so it will be male 1"-12 - > male 10AN, with a flat sealing surface on the tank side to take the original seal, and a hex in between to tighten the adapter into the tank. The company have said they can do 10 @25 each, or one off at 59, so I was wondering if anyone was interested in chipping in, or if in fact anyone else needed them at all!

    Anyway I've tied to add some pics of the car, but it only seemed to like on of them?

    Kind Regards

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