The December 2020 issue is out now, and inside we mark the groundbreaking Mk3 Escortís 40th anniversary with a 26-page guide to all the í80s and í90s Escorts!

Itís ironic that the Mk3 to Mk6 Escorts are still considered upstarts of the classic Ford scene, yet the earliest Mk3 versions are now 40 years-old! If ever there was a Ford that has yet to reach its full potential, the late-model Escort is definitely it.

There are so many variations and so much you can do to them, that the possibilities for both fans of restored and modified examples are almost endless. Hopefully this anniversary will see the Mk3s to Mk6s gain the momentum and status they deserve, both as part of our scene and the important part they played in Ford-of-Europeís direction in the 1980s and 1990s.

To help cement that status, much of this issue is dedicated to these cars, and weíre looking forward to welcoming more and more of them into these pages, and to the shows and events in the future.

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