From fast road to ultimate race and rally cars, the Classic Ford February 2022 issue ó out now ó is dedicated to Fordís Escort with our 38-page guide to the Mk1 to Mk4.

Itís well known that out of all the classic Ford models, the Escorts are the most popular ó even after all this time.

But even if youíre not a fan you canít help but appreciate how Ford got both the design so right. Itís a simple but amazingly handsome design, with the tunability of standard equipment and the swapability of other parts which all add up to make it one hell of a car ó and with the motorsport heritage to back it up, too.

To celebrate the Escort then, this month weíve brought you 38 pages of Escort goodness to get your teeth in to. Youíll read, youíll stare, youíll drool and I guarantee by the end youíll want one or want to crack out the spanners on yours.

Also inside this issue

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Lotus Cortina: rare early example found and saved
Granada Mk1: your in-depth buying guide to the much-wanted 1970s classic
Beat the 40s: can a single 32/36 carb out-perform DCOEs?

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