In the December issue of Classic Ford (available now!), we reveal how four show-stoppers were built in time for this yearís Classic Ford Show!

Featuring every 2022 Great Unveiling car in one magazine issue proved to be almost as much of a Herculean task as it was to get them to the Classic Ford Show in the first place. However, as the quality of this Mk1 Escort build shows, we think it was well worth the effort.

Begging, negotiating, begging and more beggingÖ we employed these tactics to get the four cars Ė including this 200hp Mk1 Cortina Ė ready to be photographed in time for the December issue. Why? Because we wanted to bring all of the cars together in order to showcase the very best that the Classic Ford scene gave us earlier this summer.

Whether itís the stunning levels of finish, outlandish engines or clever body mods, each car is a shining example of whatís so great about the old Ford scene ó one that w are immensely proud to be part of.

What is The Great Unveiling?

Weíre all familiar with the stresses and strains that building a show car can cause, but all the hard work and effort is worth it when you can finally stand back and show off your handiwork to like-minded fans for them to admire.

But, in the modern world itís almost impossible to keep anything a secret. So, when your project is finally finished and wheeled out for the first time, people tend to have already seen umpteen photos, countless social media posts, and various updates on the buildís progress, somewhat lessening the impact when it eventually does make its public debut.

The Great Unveiling attempts to recapture some of the awe and surprise that the modified car scene has lost over the years.

Held live at the Classic Ford Show, it is a spectacle dedicated to a collection of recent project builds that have been deliberately kept low key and off the radar. They havenít been anywhere near a forum or social media page, and are revealed exclusively to the live audience on the day of the show.

Well, if you happened to miss all the fun earlier in the year, then make sure to pick up the December copy of Classic Ford to check out each of the four builds in detail. Scroll down for more info on how to do so!

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