OK i know this is a bit trivial, but i've just got hold of some fancy stainless steel oil filler plugs for Atlas axles... You know that little plug in the side of the diff housing which you take out with mole grips as they've got a horrible square drive? Well these are a direct replacement, but with an Allen hex drive instead. They're also stainless, so they won't rust as well as looking a bit cool

Yes i agree, hardly gonna set the world on fire, but a bit nifty i thought, especially as i've been trying to find them for ages (closest was a Nissan Micra gearbox filler, which was 5.50 +vat and wasn't even stainless )

I put one of these on eBay just to test the water and see what people were prepared to pay... It went for 4.41 (+ 1p&p)

Turbosport price is 4.50 delivered.

Limited supply though, so don't all rush at once.

PM me for more details, save filling up this thread with needless posts