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    Re: WANTED..Pinto engine

    with that much money at stake you need to be very careful. Brooks head does not mean he built the rest of the engine etc and can you prove the head is genuine etc. If you are spending big £ on a 200...

    wildo105e 21-02-2019, 10:48 Go to last post

    Re: WANTED..Pinto engine

    Brooks Pinto's are around £12k new. be very careful it is what the seller says it is, 202hp on a single doesnt sound right, maybe on twin 48's. Std practice is for the head to be off for inspection...

    Erikmex 21-02-2019, 08:25 Go to last post

    2000e Gearbox Front Bearing Cover / Nose

    Wanted: 2000e Gearbox Front Bearing Cover / Nose

    Stamped: 2821 E 7050C

    This bolts to the front of the gearbox with 3 bolts.

    Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks.

    jamieea 21-02-2019, 00:25 Go to last post

    Re: WANTED..Pinto engine

    202 bhp on a single 48 seems a lot of power. What are the bore and stroke sizes Tim? Brookes always does a good head although a strange cam coice if it's come out of a Road Rally car.

    If you...

    Forest_rallying 20-02-2019, 22:43 Go to last post

    1973 mk1 Escort 4 door 2.0 zete on 40s - type 9 etc

    [1973 MK1 Escort 4 door
    Nice spec
    2.0 Zetec with twin 40 Webers
    5 speed with quick shift

    Nodiz 3d remappable ignition with Bluetooth connect
    Sierra steel sump
    4 branch manifold with full...

    blueandwhite66 20-02-2019, 22:31 Go to last post