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Thread: My Competition Car

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    My Competition Car (please read before posting)

    This is a place for members to post up some info on your competition cars, be that Race, Rally, Hills, Sprints, Drag racing.. infact any form of track work.

    Just need a brief history and tech spec and a few pictures, In here you can show off what you've won, what you have damaged and what you are doing next, post your future dates up and ask for help at the track, its your page so use it for what you need. If your looking for sponsors or just want to show your friends what you do at the weekend this is the place you can show them.

    So don't be shy, get posting

    (readers, can you please refrain from posting pictures of other cars on the threads, as these threads are about the persons own car, thank you.
    Any negitive comments or pictures can be/will be removed, these pages are meant to help people in motorsport.)
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    Re: My Competition Car

    My car is an SSC STYLUS which I completed in 1999 . Did a hillclimb school day at Gurston which was brilliant apart from me messing up after 5 runs. There were about 25 of us and apparently '' some '' marshals/instructors ??? were betting on which of two would come off first --- afraid it was me , buggering up the right front wishbone in the process . This one day is what launched me into motorsport --- I just couldn't get the day out of my head ----- wishbone replaced , then I started getting serious !
    Engine is a 2lt zetec which I built with Dunnell head,cams,verniers,engine mgt. Sump,flywheel,clutch,rod bolts from Raceline.It runs on Weber 45DCOE's and is turning out 170bhp @ the wheels. Apart from re-jetting , changing chokes to 40's from 36's at first build and fitting full radius trumpets , the engine is the same now as in 1999.
    Gearbox is Quaife 2.04 , 1.54 , 1.21 , 1.0 and 5th unknown but think 0.87
    Diff' in the live Escort is 4.4 ATB in an alloy casing.
    Up front is an all Raceleda set up since 2005.ALLOY everything supported all round on National rod ends.Original spec' was EscortM2 struts/cut. Just recently fitted an anti-rollbar to the front developed by SSC and tested by me. The rear suspension is all supported by polybushes in it's 2 leading/ 2 trailing links plus panhard.
    Over a period of 4 yrs the car has been lowered involving some major component changes plus body mod's .
    AVO steel single adj' coilovers were 13 inch all round in 1999 with 180lbs front 130lbs rear .
    Now Trakspax alloy DA 10 inch with 285lbs 7 inch coils FRONT & AVO alloy DA 14 inch with 250lbs 8 inch coils REAR.(concave trailing links to allow for 14 inch sh.)
    Exhaust moved from under chassis to side exit and all equal primaries.
    Wheels/tyres changed from 14x6 plus 185x60's
    TO -- 15x7 plus 205x50's Compomotive ML
    Wheel arches cut/flared to take new wheels and lowered chassis.
    Front track now measures 40mm wider with RACELEDA uprights supported on new wishbones/rod ends.

    Having done this in several stages the car has got quicker at each move which was pleasing.After the hillclimb school I joined BARC SW thinking I'd hillclimb the car but unless you entered via another group with it's own reg's it wasn't possible to get into the class I wanted. Only sports libre was available where I'd be outclassed.
    SO --- I entered the ACSMC Speed championship and have had fun in that from 2002 to date.
    2nd in class championship 2003
    1st in class championship 2004
    2nd in class championship 2005
    No championship entered in 2006 just did two test days and entered TWMC TON HIRE sprint at Goodwood 1st July(in sports libre as no tax/ins etc) 1st in class -- first ever at Goodwood so dead chuffed

    Entered into Brighton Speed Trials next week also in sports libre so am expecting to get blown away. 36 entries in the class and mostly 6.3's and 5.7's etc , you get the picturepray:
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    Re: My Competition Car

    ACE CAR M8

    Restoration Wendy

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    Re: My Competition Car

    nice !!

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